In keeping with our school’s mission to educate and develop the whole child, the Sports Program at St. Ann’s School is committed to fostering school spirit and providing all participants the opportunity for physical development and moral growth, while demonstrating good sportsmanship and teamwork.

The program shall be conducted in a manner not inconsistent with the diocesan guidelines governing interscholastic or athletic competition.

The purpose of interscholastic sports should be to enrich the curriculum offerings of the elementary school. As such, these programs are under the jurisdiction of the Principal with the assistance and consultation of the School Board if one is in existence.

All of the programs shall be open to eligible students.

No team should have more than ten games and two tournaments during the season and should not participate in more than one post-season tournament.

It is the responsibility of the parents to provide to the coach and to the Principal that each player is adequately insured and is in satisfactory health as verified by a physical examination by a medical professional.

Students on athletic trips are fully responsible and accountable to the coaches and/or parent volunteers for the duration of the trip.

Every effort should be made to schedule games on weekends or Friday nights. Only as a last resort should a game be scheduled on a night preceding a school day.

Practices during game weeks shall not exceed two two-hour practice sessions per week. An adult must supervise each practice. In scheduling practices, coaches should be mindful of family needs and other groups within the school.

Either the Principal, a delegated teacher on the instructional staff, or a parent volunteer will be in charge of teams and cheerleaders for the school’s athletic program.

Cheerleaders will cheer at home games only.

Eligibility Requirements:

Eligibility to participate in extracurricular sports activities shall be based on the following criteria:
Christian conduct in and out of school.

Respect for teachers and other staff members while respecting teachers, coaches, referees, parents and fans.

All participating players and cheerleaders must maintain a cumulative 76% GPA in the following subjects: Religion, English, Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, Spelling, Computer Lab and Art.

The Principal will collect data and make eligibility decisions. He/she will inform participants, coaches and parents in writing of ineligibility.

The Principal will make all decisions concerning overall eligibility.

Being declared ineligible will exclude a student from any participation in that sport or from any recognition of having participated in the sport for that academic school year.

Participating students must be in Grades 3 through 6.

Every participating student must have a physical by a licensed doctor or nurse practitioner before attending the first practice.